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1 a group of religious congregations having its own organization and a distinctive faith
2 a class of one kind of unit in a system of numbers or measures or weights or money; "he flashed a fistful of bills of large denominations"
3 identifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others [syn: appellation, designation, appellative]

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From denominatus, "named"



  1. The act of naming or designating.
  2. That by which anything is denominated or styled; an epithet; a name, designation, or title; especially, a general name indicating a class of like individuals; a category; as, the denomination of units, or of thousands, or of fourths, or of shillings, or of tons.
  3. A class, or society of individuals, called by the same name; a sect; as, a denomination of Christians.
  4. a unit in a series of units of weight, money, etc
What denomination is that money? They are all 50 euro notes.


act of naming, designation
  • Finnish: nimitys
  • French: dénomination
  • German: Benennung
name, designation, or title
  • Finnish: nimellisarvo
  • French: désignation
  • German: Bezeichnung
class or society with the same name, a sect
size of unit: money etc
  • Croatian: apoen
  • Greek: αξία (axía)

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Amish, Anglicanism, Anglo-Catholicism, Arianism, Athanasianism, Boehmenism, Calvinism, Catholicism, Christian Science, Confucianism, Congregationalism, Conservative Judaism, Eleusinianism, Episcopalianism, Erastianism, Ethical Culture, Gnosticism, Hinduism, Judaism, Lamaism, Laudianism, Laudism, Lingayat Hinduism, Magianism, Mahayana Buddhism, Mandaeism, Methodism, Mithraism, Muhammadanism, New Thought, Orthodox Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, Oxford Movement, Parsiism, Parsism, Practical Christianity, Puritanism, Quakerism, Reform Judaism, Roman Catholicism, Rosicrucianism, Sabaeanism, Salvation Army, Shiite Muslimism, Shin Buddhism, Shingon Buddhism, Shinto, Shintoism, Sikhism, Socinianism, Sufism, Taoism, Tendai Buddhism, Theosophy, Ubiquitarianism, Uniatism, Unitarianism, Vaishnavite Hinduism, Vajrayana Buddhism, Vedanta, Wahabiism, Yoga, Yogism, Zen, Zen Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, adherents, affiliation, allocation, antinomianism, appellation, appellative, assignment, attribution, baptism, binomen, binomial name, blood, body, branch, brand, breed, byword, calling, cast, character, characterization, christening, church, clan, class, classification, classifying, cognomen, color, communion, community, confession, connection, creed, cryptonym, cult, definition, denotation, description, designation, determination, differentiation, disciples, disclosure, division, empty title, epithet, eponym, euonym, expression, faction, faith, feather, fellowship, fingering, fixing, followers, form, genre, genus, grade, grain, group, gymnosophy, handle, hint, homoiousianism, honorific, hyponym, identification, identifying, ilk, indication, indicativeness, ism, kidney, kin, kind, label, latitudinarianism, line, lot, make, manifestation, manner, mark, meaning, mold, moniker, name, namesake, naming, nature, nicknaming, nomen, nomen nudum, number, offshoot, order, organization, party, persuasion, phylum, picking out, pinning down, pointing, pointing out, pointing to, precision, proper name, proper noun, quietism, race, religious order, schism, school, scientific name, secret name, sect, sectarism, segment, selection, shape, show, showing, signification, size, society, sort, species, specification, stamp, stipulation, strain, stripe, style, styling, suggestion, symptomaticness, tag, tagging, tautonym, term, terming, the like of, the likes of, title, tribe, trinomen, trinomial name, type, unit, value, variety, version
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